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Hi, my name is

Gufran Mirza.

I am building software of Internet Scale.

I’m a software engineer specializing in building (and occasionally designing) large scale Distributed systems & Softwares. I have an entrepreneurial mindset and I am interested in building exceptional products & experiences.

About Me

Hello! My name is Gufran and I enjoy building software that is scalable, robust, and secure by design. My interest in software development started back in 2012 when I tried to build a simple website.

During my college days, I heavily got interested in building Community Platform for Developers, Ednsquare — Blogging & QnA Platform It serves as a playground for developers to learn & share knowledge.

Fast-forward to today, and I’ve had the privilege of working on large-scale enterprise software and solving challenging problems for customers. I also works with a few early stage startups. I also have worked on building new products and services at IBM Cloud Platform

Over the course of time, I got the chance to work on various technology and frameworks, but I am more interested in building exceptional softwares rather than just being attached to specific framework or technology and I believe in Software Craftsmanship. Here are a few areas of computing that I am interested in

  • Distributed Systems & Networking
  • Confidential/Trustless Computing
  • Software Architecture and Design
  • High Performance Computing

Where I’ve Worked

Co-Founder @ Trustcore Systems

Aug 2022 - Present

  • I am working towards my Masters In Computer Science and working on Startup TrustCore Systems. T-Systems helps Enterprises in adopting the Confidential Computing.
  • My focus areas are Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, Networks and Infrastructure.
  • I am hacking on CPU Architectures and Trusted Executions Environments (TEE) features. Workload Isolation, Physical Memory Protection to secure the data in use.
  • Exploiting the TEE features to build secure computation plan such as Confidential Virtual Machines, Confidential Containers and Confidential Kubernetes etc.


I do write about whatever I am learning and doing, mostly about software development. Below are the blogs I have written and I am going to publish more blogs whenever I got some time to write

  • TLS with Remote Attestation (aTLS) | Machine-to-Machine Secure Channel
    TLS with Remote Attestation (aTLS) | Machine-to-Machine Secure Channel

    An Attested TLS channel is a TLS channel that integrates remote attestation validation as part of the TLS channel establishing process.

  • Managing the cryptographic keys within Trusted Execution Environment
    Managing the cryptographic keys within Trusted Execution Environment

    High level overview of the cryptographic keys management in the Trusted Execution Environment.

  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) as Root of Trust (rot) and cryptographic features
    Trusted Platform Module (TPM) as Root of Trust (rot) and cryptographic features

    High level overview of the trusted platform module its cryptographic features that can be used to perform the platform attestation.

Tech Talks

These are all the talks I have given over the past couple years. Mostly on location, sometimes remote.

Open Source Projects

Below are the list of the projects that I have built, and open sourced. Most of these projects are Starter Kits & POCs that I built internally for experimentation and later open sourced it.

Get In Touch

Although I’m not currently looking for any new opportunities, my inbox is always open. Whether you have a question or just want to have discussion about some cool tech trend or a product, feel free to drop me a message, I’ll try my best to get back to you!